Cosmetic Dentists

cosmetic dentistry portland

Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver provides a full array of cosmetic dental treatment, including total smile makeovers and cosmetic dentistry services for Portland residents.

Our cosmetic dentists use many methods to restore chipped or discolored teeth and give you the smile of your dreams. For traditional procedures like fillings and crowns, we can use materials that naturally blend with your existing teeth. With more extensive cosmetic dentistry services at our Portland office, a lighter, more youthful coloration can be achieved for all your teeth.

Why we’re the best Cosmetic Dentists in Portland:


We take the guesswork out of matching a new crown or veneers to the rest of your smile. In the past, restorative materials came in preselected shades and dentists selected the best available option. Shade matching can be performed by a lab technician. This technique is similar to when an artist custom mixes paint to a desired color. Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver creates a custom shade that will look fantastic.


Beautiful crowns can be further improved by a porcelain margin. Extending the porcelain covering to the gum line prevents any gaps that would show visible metal or possibly lead to discoloration of the surrounding tissue. Porcelain margins maximize the aesthetics of a premium restoration.