Portland Full Mouth Reconstruction

Reconstructive work can undo years of dental disease and neglect or trauma that teeth have experienced. A total smile makeover leaves patients feeling like a new person with greater confidence and healthier teeth, as well!

Enjoy a Beautiful New Smile

Sleep Dentistry of Portland offers comprehensive treatments to improve the appearance of teeth. We combine different options to give your smile a custom makeover that’s affordable and effective.

Patients who experience full-mouth reconstruction often receive a new level of confidence and satisfaction with their appearance.

Smiling is once again a pleasure instead of something to avoid, and the restoration can radically improve your quality of life.

Restore Extensive Dental Disease

Sudden trauma or years of dental disease can require in-depth strategy to restore.

Sleep Dentistry of Portland combines many treatments into a comprehensive plan to restore your smile to its natural and healthy condition. Our dentists give your teeth a new look and tend to the base causes of dental problems.

Even significant tissue damage and missing teeth can be overcome with our full-mouth restoration treatments that produce a natural look and give back your confidence.

Meet with one of our dentists today to see how Sleep Dentistry of Portland can restore your smile and transform your life.