Portland Lumineers

Sleep Dentistry of Portland is pleased to offer Lumineers. Give your smile a makeover with these advanced veneers that are easy and painless to prepare and place.

Look Forward to Smiling Again

Ultra-thin Lumineers can help solve irregularities like crooked, cracked, or discolored teeth.

They are applied to the front teeth to improve their color, size, or shape — making them permanently whiter and transforming your smile.

Lumineers can treat many aesthetic issues, including:

  • Teeth discolored from age or use
  • Front teeth that are worn or chipped
  • Gaps and other spaces between teeth
  • Crooked teeth

lady smiling

Are Lumineers Right for Me?

Most patients are good candidates for Lumineers, and they have some specific advantages over traditional veneers:

  • Can be applied in as few as two visits
  • Are ultra-thin for your comfort
  • Are reversible
  • Usually don’t require shots
  • Rarely involve any drilling of sensitive tooth structure

After getting a precision mold made, you only need one more visit for the dentist to check fit and shade before painlessly attaching Lumineers to your teeth.