Portland Teeth Whitening

You don’t have to let stained or yellowed teeth hold back your smile. We offer Portland teeth whitening treatments that are affordable and undo years of discoloration.

Even with regular brushing and professional cleanings, some discoloration can’t be helped. Teeth whitening goes deeper than the surface to improve color, giving you a bright smile you’ll love to show off.

Just One Visit

teeth whitening

Most teeth whitening methods can take weeks or months to produce the results you desire. The prolonged exposure also can cause gum irritation and soreness.

With Zoom!® teeth whitening treatment, the results are significant and immediate, giving you whiter teeth in just one visit.

The shorter treatment time also minimizes irritation, making Zoom!® a more comfortable choice for brightening your smile.

Dramatic Teeth Whitening

Zoom!® teeth whitening treatment can correct many problems, including:

  • Yellow or discolored teeth (even from aging!)
  • Teeth stained by tobacco
  • Teeth stained by tea, coffee, or other foods