Routine Teeth Cleanings in Portland

Repeated, regular teeth cleanings are a vital component of care at Sleep Dentistry of Portland.

Routine cleanings that remove plaque are the best way to prevent gum disease. Preventative dentistry is simply the best way to keep teeth healthy and looking their best.

Regular teeth cleanings and a doctor’s examination are imperative, but we know many people would rather have nothing to do with the dentist’s office as long as everything seems OK.

teeth cleanings

However, problems can develop without any visible symptoms — pain or tooth decay may only be noticeable after disease has gained a foothold and requires more serious treatment.

Your Comfort

Sleep Dentistry of Portland takes extra steps to make patients comfortable during routine cleanings and examinations.

Digital X-Rays are quicker to take and deliver instant results. Our drills use electric motors that avoid the high-pitched whine often associated with the dentist.

A wealth of distractions, like digital TV and radio, make appointments fly by.

Patients who have strong anxiety or fear about visiting a dentist really benefit from our sedation options.

Stopping dental disease before it starts is the best and most affordable way for Sleep Dentistry of Portland to care for your teeth, and we make regular cleanings as comfortable as possible.