Portland Night Guards and Sports Guards

Mouth guards are protective devices molded to fit your teeth. They help avoid ongoing damage associated with teeth grinding (and conditions like bruxism) and sudden injury during sports.

Night Mouth Guards

Many people have bruxism — an unconscious grinding of teeth while they sleep. The nature of bruxism makes it difficult for patients to voluntarily stop, so a mouth guard helps protect their teeth.

Teeth grinding can wear down teeth, damage their structure, and lead to pain in the jaw’s temporomandibular joint.

Left untreated, grinding can wear teeth down to almost nothing but the roots, making restoration costs exorbitant.

If you and your dentist feel a mouth guard is right for you, the result is a custom piece that’s molded to your upper and lower teeth for maximum effect and comfort.


Treatment is straightforward, and wearing a mouth guard at night can help you feel better now and avoid extensive and costly dental treatment in the future.

Sports Mouth Guards

Almost anyone who enjoys athletic activities can benefit from a sports guard.

From football to tennis, injuries are always a risk, and teeth don’t heal like a cut, bruise, or bone will.

A custom-fitted mouth guard from Sleep Dentistry of Portland is reassuring rather than distracting. It will provide substantially more support and protection than typical store-bought mouth guards because of the stronger material and solid fit.