Surgical Dentists

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Oral surgery can be intimidating, but the Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver oral surgeons and dentists provide surgical dental services along with Portland general dentistry.

Sleep Dentistry of Portland and Vancouver’s oral surgeons use new technology while making your comfort our priority. Choosing to undergo oral surgery procedures such as dental implants or cosmetic endodontics requires extensive training and a dentist you trust. Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver’s oral surgeons have been providing surgical dentistry for more than 25 years. Sedation is available for all types of surgeries; from dental implants to cosmetic endodontic procedures and more. Options include nitrous oxide, oral, and IV sedation.

Other Oral Surgeries Our Portland and Vancouver Oral Surgeons Offer

Periodontal Crown Lengthening When a tooth seems unrestorable because little to no tooth extends beyond the gums, surgical periodontal crown lengthening exposes a solid base to start a tooth restoration from.

Tori Removal

Sometimes bony growths develop in the mandible along the surface nearest to the tongue. These mandibular tori are often found on both sides of the mouth. Sleep Dentistry of Portland & Vancouver can remove them if they form ulcers or inhibit other treatment such as denture placement.

Gum Ridge Recontour (alveoplasty)

Lower and upper jaw deformities may not leave a smooth bone surface to support implants or dentures. Lifting the gums away from the ridge and recontouring the bone ridge is known as alveoplasty.

Sinus Lift

When sinuses are too close to the upper jaw or too little bone prevents dental implant placement, a sinus lift adds bone and makes implant restoration possible. For many people, this is a common step in the implant process.

Bone Graft

Dental bone grafts are a specialized type of graft that replaces jaw bone that is damaged or lost or has a gap left after a tooth is removed. Multiple dental diseases may cause bone damage, and a graft is needed because dental implants rely on bone for stability and support.

Ridge Augmentation

Tooth loss can lead to localized jawbone deterioration. These changes can make it difficult to place implants that support artificial teeth. Ridge augmentation surgery adds substantial quantity of bone, allowing for implant restoration to proceed.