Tooth Extractions in Portland

Tooth extractions are commonly referred to as having a tooth pulled. They can be performed with local anesthetic alongside different sedation options.

Sleep Dentistry of Portland prioritizes your comfort during treatment and provides all types of extractions.

Routine extractions are done if there is room to grip the tooth and gently loosen the root enough to remove it without the need to alter the tissue.

Surgical extractions are called for when tissue is in the way of removing the tooth and incisions are required and some bone may need to be removed.

Wisdom teeth may be stuck in the jaw bone require partial-bony or full-bony extractions.

Teeth may require extraction for many reasons.

Damaged teethmay need to be extracted if restoration is otherwise impossible or impractical. This is often caused by tooth decay so severe that other treatment cannot rescue a tooth from an abscess or prevent future infection.


Impacted teeth are blocked from growing into the right position by other teeth, bone or gum tissue. Extraction prevents them from erupting at incorrect angles or pushing aside or damaging adjacent teeth. This situation is common with wisdom teeth.

Overcrowded and crooked teeth may need to be extracted before orthodontic treatment straightens the remaining teeth.

Optional IV sedation during an extraction allows Sleep Dentistry of Portland to administer medication to help manage your comfort during and immediately after your procedure.

Once recovery is complete, Sleep Dentistry of Portland has many options to replace one or more extracted teeth: