Portland Wisdom Tooth/3rd Molar Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third molars on the left and right of both top and bottom jaws. Most people have four, but there may be fewer or additional wisdom teeth. Having wisdom teeth removed is a very normal procedure that benefits many patients.

Appearing later than other adult teeth, it is common for wisdom teeth to cause overcrowding, come in behind another tooth, emerge at an incorrect angle or not have enough room, causing substantial pain or pressure

Wisdom teeth can cause orthodontic issues. Hard-to-brush molars are also at much greater risk of tooth decay and infection.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Because of crowding and infection risks, our dentists may recommend that one or more wisdom teeth be removed.

widsom teeth

Removing wisdom teeth usually requires a surgical extraction, and when they become stuck in the jawbone, more complicated partial-bony or full-bony extractions may be needed.

Sleep Dentistry of Portland provides all types of extractions with optional IV sedation and without the need for a referral to an oral surgeon.

Keeping an eye on wisdom teeth is an important part of early adulthood because removal is easiest and healing is quickest before age 20. This surgery also is available for adults with third molars that become problematic.

Wisdom teeth removal requires a few days for recovery, so most school breaks are a good time to schedule this surgery.

wisdom teeth x-ray