CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

If you’re in need of a quality dental crown, chances are you have a few options in Portland, OR, for that restoration; however, at Sleep Dentistry of Portland can you get your smile back in just one day! That’s right—in one day, we can prep, design, place, and perfect a dental crown. There is no waiting, no delaying, and absolutely no need to use temporary crowns! But how is it possible? 

Below, we will discuss the abilities and advantages of CEREC technology and why Sleep Dentistry of Portland is the perfect place for you to get your CEREC same-day crown. Call today to schedule your visit! 971-224-7741.

What Is CEREC®?

As a prelude to discussing what CEREC crowns can do for you, let’s first talk about what CEREC actually is. CEREC stands for the chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics, and it’s a state-of-the-art dental technology that allows us to create custom, 3D-milled crowns right here in our office. In the past, the dental crown process was time-consuming, involving multiple appointments, impressions, temporary crowns, and weeks of waiting for your permanent one. With CEREC, we can do all of that right in our office and finish on the same day!

The CEREC® Crown Crafting Process

  • When you come in to see us for severe tooth decay, a tooth fracture, or to replace a failing crown, our first step will be to examine the tooth and conduct any necessary treatments to make sure it’s completely free of decay and is strong enough for the crown. 
  • Next, we will prepare the tooth and take an impression that can be used to design a custom-crafted restoration. Unlike the goopy impression material that most practices use, we use a device called an intraoral scanner to take a digital image of your tooth.
  • From there, the 3D image is sent to our CAD/CAM system, where you can actually watch as our dentist designs your crown! This is using a computer-aided designing software, and it’s incredibly precise. 
  • Once our dentist is happy with the design, your restoration will be sent to our on-site milling machine, where it will be crafted from a block of high-quality ceramic material. The ceramic will be matched to the shade of your surrounding teeth to ensure a seamless blend into your smile.
  •  In order to provide the strength, fine details and the beauty these crowns are known for, the restoration is fired in our ceramics kiln. This creates a natural and glazed appearance to the prosthetic which enhances its aesthetic appeal. 
  • Finally, the crown is checked for a perfect fit and bonded over the top of your tooth! 

No waiting, no temporaries, and no hassle—you’ll leave with a beautiful, permanent restoration. 


Advantages Of CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

The obvious advantage of a CEREC same-day crown is that you can get your smile back in one day. This leads to fewer visits to the dentist—meaning fewer expenses and less time away from work or school.

But the advantages don’t stop there! CEREC same-day crowns also boast the following benefits: 

  • Highly accurate and precise fit
  • Biocompatible materials that are durable and lifelike
  • Faster treatment experience
  • Natural-looking results 
  • Exceptionally high strength compared to traditional crowns

Sleep Dentistry of Portland is your go-to for CEREC same-day crowns in Portland, OR. Our team is well-versed in this technology, and we’re excited to offer a quality restoration that you can trust. Contact us today to schedule an appointment! We look forward to seeing you soon! 971-224-7741

  • $50 Exam &
    Necessary X-rays*

  • $99 Cleaning, Exam
    & Necessary X-rays*

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