Vancouver Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation dentistry is used to provide an anxiety-free and relaxing experience. At Sleep Dentistry of Vancouver we offer many types of sedation for individuals with physical limitations or too afraid to go to the dentist to receive the dental care they need. Sedation also allows extensive treatment to be completed in a single appointment, with virtually no memory of the visit, so the patient can be comfortable and relaxed while having all their dental needs met.

At your initial exam one of our amazing dentists at Sleep Dentistry will review your x-rays and get to know your personal story. We believe knowing what fears led you to sleep dentistry will help us work together on the best sedation that meets your needs.

Sleep Dentistry offers a full range of Vancouver sedation dentistry options, including nitrous oxide, minimal sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. We feel the greatest benefit associated with Vancouver sedation dentistry is that it allows even those with severe dental phobias to undergo the treatment they need without discomfort or anxiety. Sleep dentistry gives patients the opportunity to drift pleasantly through their appointment, remembering little to nothing of the work that was done.


Considered one of the safest methods of dental sedation, nitrous oxide gas offers a number of benefits for patients of all ages who experience dental anxiety. Also known as “laughing gas,” this technique uses a blend of oxygen and nitrous that works quickly, reaching the brain within about 20 seconds after treatment begins. The gas is administered through a mask worn over the nose. When inhaled, you should feel a sensation of calm, and you may even feel a bit giggly. Nitrous oxide is designed to enhance relaxation during treatment while you remain conscious and in control throughout the procedure. After the mask is removed, within 3-5 minutes after treatment is stopped, the effects disappear. This means that patients can drive home without worrying about being under the influence of lingering medications.


Minimal sedation often involves taking medicine the night before an appointment to help calm your nerves. We understand it may be hard to sleep before your dental appointment and want you to feel relaxed. The following day, at the start of your appointment, additional medication is given to begin your minimal sedation. The medication used will be specific to the individual receiving treatment and will also be based on the nature and length of the treatment. When the medicine takes effect, the patient will ease into an anxiety-free state. Patients remain responsive and able to answer questions, yet feel relaxed and calm throughout their time in the treatment chair. In addition to a relaxed feeling, the medication may produce other effects. Patients may feel time has passed quickly or may retain little to no memory of their time in the dental office. Patients who undergo this type of sedation will be monitored by our hospital grade equipment and experienced sedation team during the entire appointment.


For patients who need a deeper level of sedation, we are pleased to offer intravenous sedation. IV sedation is used by our doctors who’ve had specialized certifications and sedation training. IV sedation is also known as “twilight” dentistry, which allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed, and “doze off”, but you will not require additional respiratory support. Patients experience this state of relaxation using a mix of medication administered through an IV. Your vital signs are closely monitored by hospital grade equipment by our elite sedation team during the entire appointment and we do not leave you alone while under the effect of the drug. You’ll likely have little to no memory of the procedure when the medication wears off.


Our state-of-the-art practice has the skilled specialists and the equipment necessary to provide the option of general anesthesia.

Patients who experience severe dental phobia, gag reflex and special needs may benefit from the use of general anesthesia (GA). At Sleep Dentistry, you’ll find a relaxing and safe, judgement-free environment for patients to get the dental care they need. We understand the difficulty of finding care for everyone in the entire family and it is just one of the reasons we offer this form of sedation.

Known as “sleep dentistry,” this approach places the person in an unconscious controlled state for the duration of treatment. You will be closely monitored by your anesthesiologist and doctor throughout the procedure. Once your treatment is complete, you should have no memory of the experience and will only be left with a healthy smile!

With each sedation experience, other than nitrous oxide, you will need a responsible adult family member or friend to bring you to and from your dental appointments, and care for you until the sedation wears off, typically 24 hours. Additional care instructions will be given, along with any necessary prescriptions.

Contact Sleep Dentistry of Vancouver to find out how sedation dentistry can make your next dental visit more relaxing and stress-free.