Portland Full Mouth Reconstruction

Reconstructive work can undo years of dental disease and neglect or trauma that teeth have experienced. A total smile makeover leaves patients feeling like a new person with greater confidence and healthier teeth, as well!

Enjoy a Beautiful New Smile

Sleep Dentistry of Portland offers comprehensive treatment to improve the appearance of teeth. We combine different options to give your smile a custom makeover that’s affordable and effective.

Patients who experience full-mouth reconstruction often receive a new level of confidence and satisfaction with their appearance.

Smiling is once again a pleasure instead of something to avoid, and the restoration can radically improve your quality of life.

Restore Extensive Dental Disease

Sudden trauma or years of dental disease can require in-depth strategy to restore.

Our team of experienced dentists work together to ensure you are always in the most capable hands for each phase of your treatment. Their advanced training and skills allow them to treat the base causes of your dental problems.

full mouth reconstruction

Even significant tissue damage and missing teeth can be overcome with our full-mouth restoration treatment that produces a natural look and give back your confidence.

Meet with one of our dentists today to see how Sleep Dentistry of Portland can restore your smile and transform your life.