Portland Root Canals

If a tooth has untreated decay, In severe cases, it can become infected. Sleep Dentistry of Portland may perform a root canal in order to save the tooth.

Perhaps because of the pain associated with a toothache, root canal treatment has an unpleasant reputation.

However, a root canal is a vital and effective option for saving a tooth, and the level of discomfort is typically in line with a filling and other more routine dental treatment.

root canal treatment

In addition to a local anesthetic, sedation dentistry makes the experience even easier with different levels of relaxation available for you and your doctor to choose from.

Why a Root Canal is Necessary

If teeth were composed of just one material, severe decay might not be so problematic. But beneath their hard exteriors, teeth have pulp chambers of soft tissues and nerves that extend into the canals of a tooth’s roots.

The bacteria that is present alongside decay can cause infection in these soft tissues. Such an infection further damages the tooth and leads to other health concerns, including bone loss, swelling in adjacent areas, and spreading infection.

Because of this, removing the pulp may be necessary if the tooth is to be saved and restored. Having a root canal and keeping a tooth is usually a much better option than extracting and replacing a tooth with an implant.

Root Canal Recovery

Although teeth’s nerve endings provide some feedback about temperature, they do not have much effect on daily use and chewing food.

After the nerve and pulp are removed from the tooth, restoring the tooth’s structure and functionality can begin.

Using fillings, crowns, inlays and onlays, Sleep Dentistry of Portland can rebuild a tooth so that it functions as before.

Our advanced cosmetic options even let your repaired tooth blend in naturally, so a root canal can save your tooth without affecting your smile.