Did you know that your overall health depends on the alignment of your teeth? Sleep Dentistry of Portland’s general dentist and our orthodontist treat alignment problems with invisible braces and utilize retainers to maintain results. Our dentists are trained in orthodontic services and procedures and can recommend, apply, and monitor invisible braces for most degrees of misalignment.

The Importance Of Orthodontics

Regular examinations and evaluations in our Portland, OR office are key. If identified early enough, many alignment problems are able to be prevented without the use of braces. Conversely, if orthodontic needs are ignored, alignment can worsen and lead to other dental health concerns—including jaw pain and tooth decay in areas that are difficult to brush. 

Sleep Dentistry of Portland’s orthodontists is dedicated to providing orthodontic services and treatments that are as comfortable and short-term as possible in order to give you the smile of your dreams.

Invisible Braces

As an excellent alternative to traditional wire braces, invisible braces offer a clear and simple solution to straightening teeth. This technology is one of the simplest and most subtle orthodontic options. Using removable, translucent aligners that blend in with your smile makes orthodontics easy without sacrificing aesthetics.

How Invisible Braces Work

Sleep Dentistry of Portland’s orthodontists employs the use of invisible braces to gently straighten teeth. The invisible braces are translucent aligners that fit onto your teeth and cause them to gently and gradually shift. People will hardly notice them because of the clear material. 

You’ll appreciate the convenience of removable braces—take them out whenever they interfere with normal eating, drinking, brushing, or flossing. As teeth shift, new sets of invisible braces are used to keep them moving toward your new smile.

You and your doctor will consider the goals you have for your smile and any teeth alignment problems. If invisible braces are the right option, we will take impressions, photos, and x-rays of your teeth. Sleep Dentistry of Portland then sends these to the cutting-edge lab.

How Invisible Braces Are Made

Invisible braces are created using your dentist’s instructions and 3D models of your teeth. Computer-aided analysis leads to a progression of molds that will gradually shift teeth to their new alignment. During your orthodontics treatment, your dentist monitors your progress and gives you a new set of aligners when necessary.


Sleep Dentistry of Portland designs custom-fit retainers for orthodontics patients and can replace damaged or lost retainers. Over time, some shifting may occur, and our doctors can fit a new retainer that’s comfortable and prevents teeth from shifting further. We also place permanent retainers and repair or restore them.

Space Maintainers

When a child’s baby or primary teeth are lost too soon—before their adult teeth naturally come in—space maintainers can fill the gap. Sleep Dentistry of Portland fits space maintainers to preserve tooth placement and prevent your child’s other teeth from shifting. Though maintainers may be needed for an extended period of time, they are not permanent and are easily adjusted or removed. 

Sleep Dentistry of Portland is familiar with different designs and what will work best and be most comfortable for your child.

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